Ways to Give

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Are you looking for a convenient way to support EBPC's mission and programs? Do you want a secure and organized way to make donations to the church? Are you like most people who do not carry a checkbook around anymore?

EBPC offers many choices when it comes to donations. With the advent of online giving, making donations is an easy and convenient choice. Keep reading below for more information on our many online giving options and how they work.

What is Online Giving?
Online giving gives you the ability to donate to EBPC without writing a check or remembering to give each month. EBPC offers two online giving options. One option gives you the ability to donate by bank draft directly from your bank and the second option allows you to donate online through our EBPC website, through a mobile app, or even with a quick text message from your phone.

Automatic Bank Draft - the best and easiest way to donate online
If you want to simplify your giving, the easiest and most secure way to donate online is to set up a bank draft through your bank. This is a service provided by all banks that sends money out of your bank account to whoever you wish. In this case, these online bill pay services will actually print a check and mail it directly to EBPC without ever getting your checkbook out. This is completely free service offered by your bank so we suggest using this option as your first choice! 

How do I set up an automatic bank draft with my bank?

  • After logging into your bank account online, select the bill pay option.

  • Set up a new payee in the name of East Brentwood Presbyterian Church, 9000 Concord Road, Brentwood, TN 37027.

  • Enter your account information.

  • Set up the bill pay in the amount of your choosing.

  • You can repeat these steps monthly or set it up as a recurring bill pay for the entire year.

  • The bank will print and mail a check that will pull money from your account.

What is the other option where I can donate through my phone or through EBPC's website?
Another option, we provide is called Vanco. With this option, you create an account (this process takes only a few minutes and you only have to create your account once), then you make a one-time donation or series of donations through the website, mobile app or text message (whatever you prefer) directly from your credit card. Please keep in mind, if you choose to use Vanco, then the Church is charged a standard 3% processing fee plus $0.39 per transaction from your donation amount. We would be grateful if you would increase your donation slightly to cover that fee.

Through your donations to the church, we are able to fund our many new and growing programs such as our Children's Ministry Program and are able to continue to provide fun community events such as Music in the Grove, Fall Fest, Springapalooza and more. 

We hope you will continue to support EBPC so we can continue to provide the outstanding programs at our church, and hope that the many options we provide will make it as convenient as possible to support us. Thank you for your continued support and contributions to EBPC!


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Other Options:

  • Offering envelopes are also available for those who choose to use them. Periodic statements of giving keep us reminded of our faithfulness in honoring our commitments. Please email Doug in the church office to order them.

  • Stock can be donated to the Church by transmitting shares to the Church’s account (26322789) at Scottrade, 101 Creekside Crossing #300, Brentwood, TN, (phone 615-221-1580).  Please let our book keeper, Susan Reierson (ebpcfinances@comcast.net), and our Treasurer, John Philbrick (johnp793@aol.com), know if you are doing this so that an immediate sale can be ordered.

  • To donate to the church through PayPal, click the Donate button on the right and it will take you there.