Thriving churches depend on thoughtful, creative, energetic leadership.  Our leadership is not static, we change it annually.  Over time, many are asked to share in the opportunity to lead.  We seek to equip our current (and future) leaders with the skills and abilities to discern the direction we should take, communicate effectively so that all can share the vision, and lead confidently as we seek to fulfill God’s purpose for EBPC.

Session Organization:

In order for East Brentwood to faithfully fulfill its mission and calling from God we organized into committees/ministry areas.  These committees/ministry areas function to:  

  • Develop and manage all ministries, programs, and activities designed to fulfill the purpose and objective of the specific ministry.

  • Report directly to the Session.

  • Develop a responsible yearly operating budget in conjunction with the Budget Committee.

  • Plan for the publication of the activities under its direction, providing support staff adequate and timely information to implement and communicate regarding these plans.

  • Develop an annual calendar of activities.

  • Manage all resources including funding, curriculum, and facilities, within the approved operation budget.

  • Assure that all adopted policies and procedures are utilized throughout programs.

  • Meet monthly as a Ministry Area or in individual Planning Teams to ensure maximum participation in the ministry and oversight of activities.

EBPC Session

Richard Strecker

John Philbrick

Nancy Diffenbaugh

Paul Rein

Kevin McGuire

Kristine Vasilevskis

Brian Telford

Liz Beatty

Barb Hall

Lori Fitts