Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Part 2: Time, Talents and Resource Inventory

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Time, Talents and Resource Inventory
Review the following list of actions and activities. Mark the ones that you believe reflect your strengths and current areas of interest:
Adminstration - Personnel
Administration - Office Volunteer Staff
Administration - Budget, Finance & Stewardship
Administration - Property
Learning - General
Learning - Adults
Learning - Children
Learn - Youth
Membership - Congregational Care
Membership - Communications
Membership - Fellowship
Membership - Growth & Development
Mission & Service
Session & Leadership Support
Please list your current occupation as well as types of jobs that you have held during your adulthood:
Please list any charitable, community or non-profit organizations with which you have volunteered during your adulthood and the type of volunteer work you performed.
Please indicate if there are any areas of concerns in your life that you would like to share with other similarly situated adults