Read why EBPC parents love EBPC Preschool!

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"Having been a teacher prior to becoming a parent, I knew exactly what I was looking for and refused to back down with what I felt was appropriate and needed in an early education environment. I knew right away that East Brentwood Presbyterian Church Preschool would be the perfect balance of all those necessary/vital things young minds need to thrive. The staff are nurturing and supportive along with having structure that children really do need. There is an excellent balance of work and play and the children do not even realize how much they are learning because they are having so much fun! Lastly, I know my daughter is safe when I kiss her and say, 'see you later.' It is a good feeling to know she is in such wonderful hands."

-EBPC Preschool parent Lindsey Worthington

"We love East Brentwood Presbyterian Church Preschool.  The teachers are nurturing, resourceful, engaging and kind.  My current Kindergartener was extremely prepared for school and has excelled. EBPC teaches all the skills necessary to start elementary school off right. I can't imagine sending my children anywhere else."

-EBPC Preschool Parent Lynn Dowling

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"In his first year at EBPC Preschool (his first year away from me) my 3 year old son has become more independent and more outgoing around other children. He looks forward to seeing his classmates (he can name them all!) and loves his teachers. When we ask him about school his favorite things are playing on the playground, painting, singing in music class, and chapel. All of the staff at EBPC Preschool are so caring, patient and loving towards my son. EBPC Preschool is a blessing to our son and our family."

-EBPC Preschool Parent Jen Telford