What if there was no EBPC?

With our stewardship campaign before us, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about our church and what it means to us and to this community. That got me thinking of a very important question. The question is this: what if there was no East Brentwood Presbyterian Church? What if our church was not occupying this space at the corner of Wilson Pike and Concord Road? If that happened, what would you miss? What would our community miss?


The late Dutch theologian Henri Nouwen once wrote about cities and churches, "A city without carefully protected empty spaces where one can sense the silence from which all words grow, and rest in the stillness from which all actions flow, such a city is in danger of losing its real center."

EBPC is at the center of what l I do, and I hope it is for you too. Of course, this church's reputation and place in our hearts is more than just a building.  It is worship - lively and inspiring - and music that stirs our souls. It is a staging pad for our mission and service in our local community and the world. It is the laughter of children on the playground or in the hallways, and the emerging faith of our youth and the watchful eye and care of our older members.  It is the warm and welcoming conversation that greets us as we gather on Sunday mornings.  It's our wonderful preschool families and staff.

If you think about it, the reach of this church is something, given our size.  It is truly a gift to so many of us and to so many others. And it is worthy of our support.  I know there are a lot of good programs and initiatives in this community also worthy of support.  But here's the thing: unlike all those other organizations, you and me are the only people who can make it possible for this church to fulfill its calling in the coming year. We have only the members of this church to ask for support. There is no broad number of people beyond this congregation to whom we can appeal to for help.  There is just you.  So, every one of us is important and essential to our continuing ability to thrive.  Each one of us is responsible for what we are growing here. We must be as generous as we possibly can to support God's work through our church.

This Sunday, October 25, is Dedication Sunday. By now, you should have received stewardship information and a pledge card.  We need every individual and every household to respond and to do so in a timely manner.  It is that simple, and it is that important.

EBPC is at the center quite literally of the Williamson County, and we believe we have the opportunity, the drive, the focus and most importantly – the faith – that can grow this church into center of the hearts of minds of many others as well. But, we can’t do it without you. Thank you in advance for your generosity in responding to God’s great generosity to us.