Palm Sunday, March 29, 10 am

We celebrate Jesus' entrance in Jerusalem. Sermon: "Peace March", John Hilley, preaching. This will be special service where the children will provide the music. The children, dressed in their choir robes, will lead the congregation in a Palm Sunday parade into the Sanctuary at the beginning of the Worship Service singing "When Christ Comes Riding In" to the tune of the familiar "When the Saints Come Marching In." Later they will present "I Just Wanna Be a Sheep."  Come celebrate with us and the children! 

Maundy Thursday, April 2, 7 pm

Tenebrae Service of choral music, scripture, reflection and communion - a sacred and holy service not to be missed.

Easter Sunday, April 5, 9 am and 11 am

Celebrate the Resurrection with us on Easter Sunday! We are offering two services 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. with special music of handbells, trumpet and choir. Communion will be celebrated at each service. Festivities also include an Easter Egg Hunt (bring your own basket!) and the Flowering Cross.

What is the Ritual of the Flowering Cross?

The flowering cross is found in Christian art as early as the sixth century and is based on a legend that says that the cross itself burst into bloom at the moment that Jesus died. A modern expression of this idea may be found in the custom of flowering the cross. A cross that’s covered with fresh spring flowers symbolizes the new life given through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Traditionally, before the Easter Sunday Service, the cross is covered with real flowers.
This rich tradition is a wonderful tribute to our risen Lord.  Everyone who attends an Easter service is invited to bring flowers from their garden or a store and place them on the cross. The cross becomes more beautiful as each and every flower is added. Children are especially encouraged to take part in this experience. When the cross is covered with flowers it is a great background for the family Easter photos. We will have photographers on hand to take your family photo. Please bring your flowers and join us in honoring our Lord.

During the season of Lent, we are invited to thoughtfully take up the gifts of faith—worship, study, prayer, and service—in preparation for Christ’s journey to the cross. 

Taking On Generosity:

Simple, daily tasks for those wanting to take something on rather than giving something up during Lent