Two Year Olds

The two year old curriculum is based on learning how to “be” in school.  Manners, classroom and playground rules, routines and independence are taught and reinforced.  Thematic units are explored as well as shapes, colors, letters, sounds and number awareness. Fine and large motor activities, sensory experiences, story time, music and chapel time, lunch and nap/quiet time round out our day.

Three Year Olds


The three year old curriculum builds on skills learned at the two year-old level: communication, emphasis on social/emotional development, independence, friendships and play. There are more fine motor opportunities including the introduction of “Mat Man,” the precursor to HWT curriculum in the fours.  Speech/language, early literacy, social studies, math, science, art, music, chapel and physical development fill our day. Because the threes are very transitional, many still nap while others enjoy a quiet time.

Four/Five Year Olds

The four/five year old curriculum is Handwriting Without Tears (HWT). It has won the Distinguished Achievement Award for best children’s curriculum as well as a Teacher’s Choice award from Learning Magazine. Handwriting Without Tears is a simple, developmentally based curriculum for writing readiness, printing and cursive. The multi-sensory lessons teach to all learning styles- visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic. It is also a comprehensive curriculum, covering science, reading and math. And best of all, it has the children up and out of their seats, counting, dancing.



The EBPC Preschool’s chapel curriculum has been evolving since our inception in 1999. Our mission is two-fold:  to allow opportunity for spiritual exploration and to teach character values. As Ms. Sheri would say, we are helping the children to become good citizens and responsible, caring people. Each child is affirmed as a valuable, lovable individual and encouraged to make kind, respectful choices in their behavior toward themselves and each other. Each student meets once a week for chapel in small groups of 10 to 20. Then, once a month, all students meet in the sanctuary for Group Worship, a child-centered corporate worship experience that utilizes the following order: listening to scripture or wisdom verse, listening to message expanding on the verse, group prayer, praise singing, giving of offering, and closing song. We celebrate the gift of life, gratitude for our blessings, and love and compassion for each other and our neighbors around the world. During Group Chapel, we also give our students opportunities to contribute to non-profit organizations in need. We have donated to the following organization thanks to generous donations from our students and families:GraceWorks, College Grove Food Pantry, Pig Project , Room In the Inn, Nashville Rescue Mission, Metro Schools (winter clothing), First Aid kits for Guatemala and Muscular Dystrophy Association.



Music provides many benefits for young children. Self-esteem, language development, reasoning, creative thinking, sound discrimination and fine motor skills are just a few of these benefits. Music also helps to increase math skills and memory recall. It teaches discipline and teamwork. Here at East Brentwood Presbyterian Church Preschool, children ages 2-5 attend weekly music classes to help develop all of these things while being nurtured in a friendly, accepting, and safe environment. Through singing, dancing and playing musical games we discover that music is fun!  We use bean bags, scarves, rhythm sticks, egg shakers and the parachute to learn rhythms, dances and songs set to familiar tunes. We study composers and the many ways they have contributed to music over the years. We present a Christmas program in December and many smaller programs throughout the year. In the Spring, our children that will be moving on to Kindergarten sing several of their favorite songs during their Graduation ceremony. Our most important goal in music class is to have fun!

Cultural Awareness Program

Guest speakers share their cultural heritage or knowledge with our 4/5's by reading a story, sharing holiday traditions, demonstrating a skill, leading a craft, or conducting a show-and-tell with souvenir items. Other guest speakers teach the students about a particular job skill or career such as carpentry, becoming a veterinarian, or working as a fire fighter. Children love to learn about the world around them and this is a valuable opportunity to open their eyes and minds to the diversity our community has to offer. Please let us know if you are interested in being one of our guest speakers!