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Holy Week Festival

Mark your calendars now for April 14, 11 am and our Holy Week Festival!

This Palm Sunday, join us after worship for lunch and a fascinating journey through Holy Week. Walk with your family through interactive stations tracing Jesus' footsteps during this most Sacred Week! Parade through the streets of Jerusalem, wash the feet of the disciples, walk with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, sit with the disciples in the Upper Room, and fall on your knees with Mary at the Cross on Good Friday. You don't want to miss this special event!

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SOUL FOOD - "Soul Food and the Good Life”

In response to the “locusts” in life of loss, the prophet Joel encourages the people to gather and build community. What better way to build community than through food. Our intent is to create a table on Maundy Thursday around the deep sharing that takes place through the simple practice of a recipe exchange.


  • Search your recipes for one that is special to you and not too difficult to make.

  • Reflect on the history of the recipe and those who first used or created the recipe!

  • Copy and bring the recipe to church or send us the recipe ( Include your name and a brief history of the recipe.


On March 24 and March 31 we will have a recipe exchange during church. Individuals will leave a recipe and select a recipe of another person.

  • On or before Maundy Thursday (April 18), prepare the recipe you received.

  • Offer a prayer for the individuals and family connected to that recipe.


Maundy Thursday, 6 pm: On this holy night, we gather for “soul food” - one community, eating together the dishes that have been prepared. During this dinner, people are invited to share stories and reflect prompted by the recipes. All individuals are invited and encouraged to attend regardless of whether they participated in the creation of the “soul food.”

Earlier Event: March 30
College Grove Food Pantry