We want to engage our members and others in varied and meaningful forms of Christian learning and discipleship. - from our 2014 Plan

The practice of intentional faith development gives disciples a network of support, encouragement and direction as we seek to grow in Christ.  Sunday school classes, Bible studies, choirs and other small groups are really little churches within the bigger church family, and are foundational in forming and keeping a strong church.  Learning in community provides accountability for our faith journeys.   

Every Sunday morning at 9:00 am, classes gather for people of all ages to engage God’s Word together.

LEARN (Learning, Exploring and Responding Now) Time

In addition to the lectionary-based discussion class led by Keith Davis and Peggy Short,there will be additional offering for adults and interested youth. 


LEARN Time for Adults


     10/26: Exploring the Word through Writing: Between the Dashes: A Mid-Term Reflection on Our Lives


November:  Reviewing Our Story:  Preparing for Advent

    11/2:     Intergenerational:  All Saints Sunday/25th Anniversary of EBPC

 11/9:    Unplugging the Christmas Machine (Part 1)

 11/16:   Unplugging the Christmas Machine (Part 2)

 11/23:  Hope, Love, Joy and Peace:  How Are We Doing?

 11/30:  Intergenerational: Hanging of the Greens (1st Sunday of Advent) 


December:  The Greatest Story Ever Told

 12/7:    Intergenerational:  Potluck Breakfast/ Advent Workshop

 12/14:  The Gospel Truth, Part 1

 12/21:  The Gospel Truth, Part 2

 12/28:  New Year’s Revisions


LEARN Time for Children:


September Children’s LEARN Time.  Each Sunday morning from 9:00-9:45 am, children ages three to fifth grade will explore the wonderful Biblical stories through a rotation of centers.  These various approaches are specifically designed to Spark learning, imagination and engagement as the students and their leaders explore the Word through a variety of hands-on experiences. 

  • October's  topic is David

LEARN Time for Youth:

PYG/608:  The format for this fall is B.R.E.A.D. (Bible Study, Reflection and Music, Educational/Social Experiences, Art Activities, Drama/Plays)

PYG (High School Youth) meets on Sundays, 6:00-7:30 pm in the youth room (upstairs).
There is a LEARN time lesson before PYG from 5:00-6:00 pm.
(Led by Kelly McConnell and Emily and Stephen Enfinger)

608 (Middle School Youth 6-8th Grade) meets on Wednesdays, 6:08-7:30 pm in 608 room (upstairs.
There is a LEARN time lesson from 5:30-6:08 pm.
(Led by Kelly McConnell and Aaron Renton)  

As part of EBPC’s “The Year of the Story,” each youth will be given a binder to create their own story for the year including events, places and activities that influence their life.
September's Themes:  The Story begins with you…and who else?

  • Week of 9/7 ~  Let’s Start With The Roots of Who We Are (Genesis Study)
  • Week of 9/14 ~ I Am Who I Am (Reflection and Music)
  • Week of 9/21 ~ Do I Dare to Make a Difference? (Service Project/Speaker)
  • Week of 9/28 ~ Basic Building Blocks…With Legos (Art)