Listen to our Ash Wednesday Podcast on “Wilderness”

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In this podcast Pastor John Hilley and Music Director Nate Strasser kick off the season of Lent with their podcast on the theme: “The Wilderness.” In music and literature wilderness has symbolized a spiritually renewing place to strip away distraction and re-center on God and all things important. Wilderness describes the isolation sometimes felt during times in our lives. Wilderness symbolizes our moving outside of our comfort zones to places of uncertainty and risk, creativity and opportunity. Wilderness is any place we go to seek discernment and clarity. It is found in real places from deserts to mountains - even to neighborhoods. Listen to Nate’s original composition on the theme of the wilderness and hear John talk about our search for meaning in the wilderness of the suburbs.


0:00                Intro (Nate and John)

1:47                Nate speaks

2:33                “Spirit of Gentleness”

5:00                John’s reflection

13:57              Nate’s discussion of his original music

15:00              Nate’s music

17:43              Prayer

18:15              Conclusion

19:18              End