Welcome To Worship


East Brentwood

Presbyterian Church

Sunday, June 21, 2015

10:00 a.m.

 4th Sunday after Pentecost

Sunday, June 21, 2015

    Thought Before Worship

“Sometimes the storm is violent and life threatening, but the good news is that we are all in the boat together. Some of us are rowing, some are bailing, some are pulling at the sail and some are praying. We can whistle and sing, we can cuss and cry. We can give each other pep talks and it helps us to know that there are others in the boat with us.” – Fred Craddock  

We Gather to Worship God

 Pre-service Music

 Welcome & Announcements

 Prelude "Blessed Be Your Name" Matt & Beth Redman

 *Call to Worship

Strength is commanding

the wind and sea to obey,

Strength is wielding

a slingshot in the face of a raging giant.

Strength is accepting vulnerability

from inside the boat,

Strength is standing in solidarity

with the powerless.

Strength is turning a cheek,

Strength is loving an enemy.

We come to worship

a God who redefines our vision of strength.

Let us worship God together!

 *Opening Prayer

Mighty God, who speaks a word of peace to calm our troubled sea;
Caring God, who nudges us away from fear and toward faith;
Ever-present God, who fills us with awe
   but also raises many questions
      without easy answers;

Open our eyes to see you in our boat—today,
Strengthen our hearts for the challenges that lie ahead,
Open our ears this hour to hear the word you speak.

This we pray, In Jesus’ name. Amen

 *Hymn #475 “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing”

 Call to Confession

We let fears control us, we let doubt become the way of life for us. If we but look, we will see our lives, and our world, cradled in God's loving hands. Let us confess our lack of faith, even as we trust the One who has promised to listen to our words, as well as our hearts. Join me as we confess together, saying,

 Prayer of Confession

They can be such giants in our lives, God of Grace. Each day, our fears, our doubts, our worries wash over us, until we come to believe that you do not care for us. There seems to be so much wrong in the world, we are convinced that there is nothing good we can do. The storms of sin and temptation batter at us, and we cower, unable to find the faith to withstand them. 

Forgive us, God of Hope. Remind us that if we but open our hearts, you will heal us. If we but listen to your words, we will hear peace and joy. If we but open our lives to you, we can go forth to serve our sisters and brothers, even as we have been served by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Time for Silent Reflection

 Response “Calm to the Waves” (Hymn # 184)

Calm to the waves. Calm to the wind.

Jesus whispers, “Peace be still.”

Balm to our hearts. Fears at an end.

In stillness, hear his voice.

 Assurance of Forgiveness

Friends, believe the good news.

In Jesus Christ, we are forgiven.

 *Passing of the Peace

As God through Jesus has recognized and forgiven each of us, let us now ourselves recognize and forgive each other by sharing God’s peace with one another. The Peace of Christ is with you!

And also with you. 

*Gloria Patri #581  

We Listen for the Word of God 

Special Music

 Time with the Children  

Prayer for Illumination

 Old Testament Lesson I Samuel 17:32-49 OT page 261

The Word of the Lord.

Thanks be to God. 

New Testament Lesson Mark 4:35-41 NT page 39

The Word of the Lord.

Thanks be to God. 

Sermon “Boat People” John R. Hilley 

Time of Reflection  

We Respond to God’s Love 

*Song “I Surrender All”

All to Jesus I surrender
All to Him I freely give
I will ever love and trust Him
In His presence daily live


I surrender all
I surrender all
All to Thee my blessed Savior
I surrender all

All to Jesus I surrender
Make me Savior wholly Thine
Let me feel the Holy Spirit
Truly know that Thou art mine

All to Jesus I surrender
Now I feel the sacred flame
O the joy of full salvation
Glory, glory to His name

Prayers of the People—Lord’s Prayer

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever. Amen. 


Offertory “We Fall Down” Chris Tomlin 


*Prayer of Thanksgiving and Dedication 

We Go from Here to Serve 

Hymn #192 “Lord, the Light of Your Love Is Shining” 

*Parting Words 



*Please stand if you are able. 

About Today’s Service

Participants In Today’s Service: Pastor: John Hilley; Liturgist: Mary Ellen Hoffstetter; Musicians: Laura Rosser Kreiselmaier, Summer Praise Band. 

To Our Members and Guests: Please sign our friendship pad. 

Children’s Worship: Children’s worship helps children ages 3 through 2nd grade explore Bible units through hands on, age appropriate, experiential activities that are designed to engage them while also instilling faith formation. We meet upstairs every Sunday following the Time with Children. If this is your child’s first visit, please let us know if there are any food allergies as a snack is served. Today's story is about “The Parting of the Red Sea.” Next Week the story picks up with Part 1 of “Wandering in the Wilderness” where our children are introduced to the 10 Commandments.

The flowers today were provided by Rob and Regina Montgomery in celebration of Father’s Day.

Flowers & Fellowship Food Sign-up: Please consider signing up for flowers, fellowship food, or both in the coming months. New sign-up sheets are in the narthex. If you have any questions please contact Regina Montgomery at regina.montgomery@vanderbilt.edu.  

Welcome to East Brentwood

To Our Members: East Brentwood gladly welcomes first-time and returning visitors. By introducing yourself and sharing a warm greeting, you express the hospitality of our congregation. Please share a smile and welcoming word to those around you. 

To Our Guests: We offer education and fellowship opportunities in the mornings and evenings for children, youth and adults. Please see the Calendar of Events for dates and times. Interested in joining East Brentwood? Speak to John Hilley or Ashley Purcell. 

Our Mission

East Brentwood Presbyterian Church is a community church made up of a loving, welcoming family of believers in honest conversation with God. We seek to emulate the ministry of Jesus through compassionate service, with stimulating and relevant exploration of God’s Word, and by sharing that Word and God’s many blessings with our neighbors in Middle Tennessee and around the world.  


PYG (high school youth) and 608 (middle school youth) are going on their mission trip to Charleston, SC from Sunday, June 21st to Saturday, June 27th. If you have any questions, please contact Kelly McConnell, Youth Director, at ebpcyouth@comcast.net. 

Music in the Grove: What do lawns and Bluegrass, shade and Soul, playground and Gospel, picnics and pianos all have in common? They are all part of a FREE CONCERT event called Music in the Grove hosted right here at EBPC. All church members, preschool families and Brentwood neighbors and friends are invited to bring blankets, chairs, and a picnic and enjoy this fabulous concert event from 3 pm to 6 pm on Saturday, July 25. The concert lineup includes soul/gospel artist Jason Eskridge, bluegrass band Fireball Mail with our very own, newly appointed music director and piano virtuoso Nate Strasser. Picnic baskets are encouraged, and we'll also have Blue Coast Burrito on hand. This promises to be a fantastic event, and we hope all our church and preschool families will come out to support these amazing musicians and our church. We want to showcase our beautiful grounds and our wonderful church family so please let all of your friends and family know about this great event and bring them out for a great afternoon of music, fun and food! We are looking for volunteers to help with this event. Please contact the church office if you are available and interested. For more information about the event and our great musicians, see our website.

 EBPC Young Families: Save the Date for our next dinner and gathering on Wednesday, July 1st 5:30-7:00 pm. Details to follow. 

Nominate a Hymn for EBPC "Hymn Sing Sunday": Sunday, July 5th will be the annual Hymn Sing Sunday at EBPC. It is a special service largely filled with our voices raised in worship through the hymns of our faith. Please contact Doug at ebpcoffice@comcast.net or Lavona at Lavona.Russell@gmail.com with the name of a hymn you would like to include and whether you would like to share a special memory about the hymn from the pulpit or in the bulletin. Thanks so much for making this a special day for EBPC.  

EBPC's Bible Study on the Move: Grab your walking shoes and join us at 7:15 am on Tuesday mornings at River Park for a morning gathering to increase your understanding of the life of Jesus and increase your heart rate at the same time. An EBPC group will meet during the months of June and July to explore the Gospel of Mark while getting to know each other better and get fit at the same time! Meeting place: River Park, the Picnic Pavilion next to the playground and across from the Brentwood Public Library. Meeting time: 7:15 am on June 23rd. Starting at 7:15 am we will gather for 10 minutes and share in a brief opening prayer and read the selected scripture from Mark. John will provide a brief overview of the Scripture passage and people will share insights. Then armed with a discussion question, we will break up into smaller groups (based on one’s energy level) to walk or run for 30 minutes on the greenway.

 Calendar Events Coming This Week ~ At a Glance 

Sunday, June 21

9:00 am Adult Education

10:00 am Worship

Tuesday, June 23

7:15 am The Bible on the Move

Thursday, June 25

6:00 pm Worship Ensemble

Sunday, June 28

9:00 am Adult Education

10:00 am Worship 

Praise and Prayers 

EBPC youth and chaperones on the mission trip to Charleston, SC.

We pray for all men, particularly fathers, that they may be equipped to pursue the will of Jesus in the home, workplace, community, and church.

Praise for the safe return of Doug Pennington.

Prayers for Lily Paris as she continues her treatment for cancer.

Praise for the hiring of Nate Strasser as our new Music Director.

Prayers for Megan Johnson, sister-in-law of Elizabeth and Dave Johnson.

Prayers for Betty Garrique, cousin of Bill Wolfe, who is having surgery for a malignant brain tumor.

Prayers for strength and healing for Morene Roadman in her continued fight against cancer, mother of Stephen and mother-in-law of Amy Roadman.

Prayers for healing and comfort requested by Leanna Pound (EBPC Nursery) on behalf of Talan Williams, an 8-year-old, who has bone cancer and is undergoing treatment.

Prayers for caregivers of family members and for the unspoken burdens and worries loved ones are facing.

Prayers for the 2015 graduates. 

If you have a prayer request or celebration that you would like to share,

please contact Ralph Comer, Congregational Care moderator

by email: recomer49@aol.com or phone: 615.545.5938. 

Cover image: He, Qi. Peace Be Still, from Art in the Christian Tradition, a project of the Vanderbilt Divinity Library, Nashville, TN.